Production is under way on "Deep Listening: The Story of Pauline Oliveros" - a film about the life and work of Pauline Oliveros. We had a very successful Indiegogo campaign, but we still need more funds. This website contains information about Pauline, the film, and what we need funds for.


If you donate $25 or more, you will receive a free download of the film upon completion.

If you donate $100 or more, you will also receive a free download of an unrealeased solo Pauline performance.

If you donate $250 or more, you will receive a free copy or download of some special features - including extended interview segments with the likes of Pauline, Morton Subotnick, Tony Martin, Ramon Sender and more. Also among the special performances will be extended clips from performances of Pauline and various collaborators on the stage and in the studio.



Thanks to all the donations we received via our Indiegogo campaign as well as a generous gift from the Robert D. Bielecki Foundation, we have been moving full steam ahead on production.  We have shot numerous interviews on both coasts including: Anna Halprin, Loren Rush, Morton Subotnick, Ramon Sender, Tony Martin, Bill Maginnis, Linda Montano, Charles Amirkhanian, Mark Dresser, Burt Turetsky, George Marsh, Jennifer Wilsey, Maria Chavez, Shelley Burgon, Suzanne Thorpe, Ronald Chase, Mary Nee, Ron Robboy, Becky Cohen, Jann Pasler, David Bernstein and many more.


In addition, we have been tracking down archival film and images. We have even had luck finding ever elusive material from the 60's and 70's in San Francisco and San Diego. We have gotten materials from the archives of Tony Martin and Linda Montano at NYU's Fales Library. Pauline's archives at UCSD and Mills College also bore much fruit, as did the wonderful Mills CCM collection. We also received valuable materials from many personal archives, such as: wonderful films and photos from the collection of poet Lynn Lonidier and her brother Fred, Becky Cohen's beautiful photographs, a trove of materials from Bill Maginnis and rare video from Ron Robboy of he and Paulines' legendary klezmer band - The Big Jewish Band.


Production continues this week as we film the premiere of Pauline and Iones' new opera "The Nubian Word for Flower" at RPI as well as a Deep Listening workshop also being held at RPI.


We could not be more excited about how well this film is going. It is going to be a good one! Keep an eye out for more updates.






An American Icon


Pauline Oliveros has been on the cutting edge of contemporary American music since 1960. As a composer, performer, innovator, philosopher, author and teacher, she has touched and influenced countless souls both inside and outside the musical community. She was one of the world’s original electronic musicians. She is a master accordion player. She is a teacher and mentor to musicians and a gateway to music and sound for non-musicians. She is a technical innovator who has helped develop everything from tools that allow musicians to play together while in different countries to software that allows people with severe disabilities to create beautiful music.


In the 1960s, John Rockwell named her work Bye Bye Butterfly as one of the most significant of that decade. In the '70s, she represented the U.S. at the World’s Fair in Osaka, Japan. She was honored in 1985 with a retrospective at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC. In the 1990s, she was presented with a Letter of Distinction from The American Music Center. In 2010, she was honored with the William Schuman Award from Columbia University. In 2012, she was the winner of the prestigious John Cage award. In 2014, her installation and performance closed the final Whitney Biennial in the museum’s long-time home in the Marcel Breuer building.


By any stretch of the imagination that is an impressive list of honors and awards, and that is only a sampling. Yet, there is no film about this amazing and influential artist. With your help, we hope to remedy that, and do it in style.


The Genesis of An Inspiration


My name is Daniel Weintraub. I am a filmmaker, musician and recording engineer. Three years ago I moved from Brooklyn to the the Hudson Valley, not far from the home of Pauline Oliveros and her partner Ione. During my first week in my new home, I was chatting with a neighbor and describing my background working with both images and sound. Right away she said, “You should make a film about Pauline Oliveros, it would be perfect for you.” It turned out she knew Pauline and had worked with her through Pauline’s Deep Listening Institute, which was in Kingston, New York at the time. I was familiar with Pauline’s work and deeply inspired by her ideas about sound and listening, but I assumed there must already be a film about such an important and ground-breaking artist. A few minutes on Google and I found that, incredibly, there had not been a film made dedicated to Pauline's life and work.


Eventually, through my gracious neighbor, I arranged to have lunch with Pauline and Ione. I was stunned at how humble and easygoing these impressive women were. Pauline was both inspiring and hilarious. I knew I had to make this film and Pauline was excited about the idea as well.


For the past year I have been following Pauline around the North East with a camera and filming her incredibly busy and varied career. I also have had the honor to work as a recording and mixing engineer on two of Pauline’s recent recordings.


It is now time to take this film to the next level.


With Your Help


The funds we are requesting will allow us finish production of this film. Additional money, either from this fund drive or another source, will be required to finish post-production (editing, graphics, color correction and sound mix).


Your money will allow us to delve into the many facets of Pauline’s career and give them the attention they require.


The donations we have received so far have allowed us to film numerous additional interviews including Morton Subotnick and Tony Martin and we have plans to interview Terry Riley, Ramon Sender, Paul Miller (D.J. Spooky), Laurie Anderson, Cory Arcangel, Loren Rush and many many more.


The donations we have received so far have allowed us to delve into research for archival visual materials we can use in the film. The good news is that we have found a good variety of 16mm and 8mm film. The bad news is that it is quite expesive to digitize film. Your donations could help us put these images, that have not been seen for decades, into our film.


The filmmaker and crew must travel to Houston, Texas, where Pauline was born and grew up and where she became a master accordion player, deep listener and softball star. While we have received enough funds to travel to California for research and interviews, we could use more funds to get a crew to Houston.


We hope to purchase the necessary equipment to recreate the tape machine-based delay system that Pauline used to create her seminal works while at The San Francisco Tape Music Center.


We plan to rent a recording studio and film and record a solo performance by Pauline.


We will need to purchase archival and stock footage from Houston in the 40's and 50's and San Francisco in the 50's and 60's.


In Conclusion


As Pauline herself wrote in 2007: “What, then, of my work do I hope will last? Well, what I am most interested in is not specific pieces surviving, but the understanding of Deep Listening and of the practices and processes that will lead to individual and collective creativity. That is what I would like to hand on.” We believe that this film can help in that noble pursuit. Please help us spend the time and energy needed to tell the story of this remarkable artist and her vibrant and varied career. Without the proper funding, it will be extremely difficult to cover all the aspects of Pauline’s career needed to paint a complete picture of her diverse body of work.


Any amount you can donate will be greatly appreciated. If you cannot donate money right now, then help us spread the word. Finally, don’t forget to keep on listening!








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